Repairing Rather Than Replacing

In a question whether to replace or to repair windows, most will answer repair. This would surely save you a lot of money. But if you think your windows are beyond repair, then you might reconsider replacing it. Here are the best ways to maintain your window, so that when time comes, you can really choose repair instead of replace.


Make it a habit to expect your windows for damages or cracks. Whenever you see minor damages, address it immediately so that you can avoid major damages in the future.

Window cleaners

Never mix window cleaners. It might become an ineffective solution for cleaning. It might also be too strong that it might cause discoloration of the mirrors. If it is in-contact, remove immediately.

Proper Equipment

There are proper tools in maintaining the cleanliness of your windows. Use window cleaner tools like wipes and soft cloth. Do not use sharp equipments that will damage the glass. Also prevent using hose to clean and wash the window. It will get in the structure of the window.

Clean spills

There might be instances that the window will get in-contact with other chemicals. If you are not certain if that certain chemical can harm your window, remove it immediately.

These are some of the best way to keep the windows in good condition. If you will ensure that the maintenance of your window is always good, then you will surely be able to repair it if there are damages. But if you will not maintain the cleanliness of it, you will find it beyond repair and will end up replacing it.

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