Composite Decking: An Innovative Choice

Before, when building decks, the only option that you have is wood. With the advancements nowadays, you can have other materials for your decking needs. You can even combine materials like plastic and wood for a more stylish look. One popular choice is the composite decking.

Why is Composite Decking a Better Choice?

This type of decking has a close resemblance to wood. The only difference is that the composition is heavier as compared to the latter. Composite decking can be less sturdy to that of other materials; however, it is rot-proof. It also doesn’t require much maintenance, so homeowners prefer this than others.
The downside of this type of decking is that the color fades immediately after building it. However, you can just wash it with mild soap and scrub it to remove the stains. This way, you can make the deck look brand new again.

Types of Composite Decking

Composite decking can be categorized into two types- solid and hollow. The solid type appears to be heavier and more wood-looking. The hollow type, on the other hand, looks artificial. A lot of homeowners prefer the solid composite rather than the hollow because of its durability and appearance.

The choice for decks today is endless. There are numerous materials that you can combine and use. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to the appearance of your yard. However, if you want a wood-like deck that can easily be maintained, you have to go for the composite one.

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