Living Room with a Beautiful Floral Theme

There are many themes that you could put into the living room. It is very fun to design the living room because it is a huge room that you can put a lot of things in it. Here are some of the decorations that will make your living room have a beautiful floral theme.


Furniture is the biggest set of decoration in the living room. It will take a large space thus, it should be very attractive. Do not over design it though. Choose simple and plain-colored furniture – like a sofa, and then pair it with floral cushions. This will give emphasis on the sofa.


If you’ll be having floral as a theme, flower decorations are essential. Pick a color that will go with the rest of the decorations. Put it in a nice glass vase with gems. These gems would add beauty and emphasis on the flower decoration. If you have a lilac color flower, the best color combination gems are purple and transparent. 60

Decors with Accent Colors

Put several decorations such as clock, painting, and the likes. These would enhance the appearance of your living room.  It will also add up to stress of the theme. A good example is paintings or pictures that will be hanged on the wall. You can pick painting of flowers with varieties of colors, which will then be accompanied by a simple yet elegant frame. Or you can choose a simple picture which will be in a frame with bold accent colors. Accent colors are great for emphasis because they highlight the decors that go along with it.

These were some tips in decorating your living room with a certain theme. You can also use this as a guide in doing other themes as well. Just remember the main points of the article. Decors and accent always go hand-in-hand to build the best appearance. That would be very useful not only in designing your living room but also, to other rooms.

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