Brighten Up Your Garden with These Lighting Ideas

One of the major decorations that you have to install in your garden is the lighting fixtures. With the appropriate lighting techniques, you can transform the garden into a different perspective and improve its ambiance. With this, you can truly enjoy the scenery especially at night.

Here are some types of garden lighting that you can use:

1. Path Lighting– These lights are usually small which emphasize the presence of a pathway in your garden. Not only that they add appeal, they can also be your guide during the night. These fixtures can also aid in highlighting some unsafe places in your garden.

2. Marine Lighting– If you have installed a pond in your garden, you can use marine lights to illuminate the pond. They can be placed around and even under the water. These lights can truly add beauty to your garden and make the natural elements stand out.

3. Up and Down Lighting– Up lighting is usually placed on the ground, focusing tall items such as trees and other plants. On the other hand, down lighting is installed above the ground, illuminating items below, giving the scenery a very natural and calming effect.

Make it a point that the lighting fixtures that you will use are perfect for the landscape and scenery that you want to achieve. Do not fill the entire garden with lights, rather choose specific points you want to highlight. Too much illumination can make your garden a total mess. In choosing lights, take note of their beauty and functionality.

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