Coming Up With a Thanksgiving Décor for Your House

Thanksgiving is a time of the year that no one wants to be left out because it is a warm and inviting time of the year.  Your guests should feel that way when they make the first step into your living room. That is why we have to choose the right décor for this occasion.

Preparations comes in handy

The house needs to be clean. So, the first preparation is to clean up the house. Take note of the areas where most people gather like the kitchen, foyer and the dining area and make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned. Next, clean the canvas that you will work with before decorating. Look for other areas that the guests will come into contact with like the stair-risers and have them cleaned.

Since thanksgiving is a time to look back at the things you are grateful for, it is better to craft out images and ideas using the items around the house inside and outside. The outside environment brings out the traditional touch.

How to decorate with scent and color

Create warm scent all over your home with potpourri and scented candles. The bedrooms and bathrooms should be scented with pumpkin-scented candles. That smell will surely bring in the feeling of thanksgiving. For creating outdoor into the house, bring in colors of autumn with grapevine and leaves which you hang on the outside of every bedroom door. Place colorful fall leaves in a bowl in the bathroom or in a nightstand.

In the bedroom, the bedspread and pillows are not left out, dress them with shades of orange and yellow. Dress up white comforter with thick autumn and replace light summer drapes with darker jewel toned ones. For your kitchen, a set of fall-colored or themed tableware will do.

Everyone would love to have a beautiful thanksgiving bearing in mind that it is a time to reflect so do not engage a professional but believe in yourself and come up with creative ideas. With the help of members of your house, you sure will come up with a superb thanksgiving décor.

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