Experience Country Christmas with These Decor Ideas

There are different ways to celebrate this season, but nothing beats an old-fashioned Country Christmas. In order to truly feel this celebration, it is time to bring out those decorations and start filling up the house, from the roof to the lawn.

Discussed below are some indoor and outdoor decor ideas that you can use.

Indoor Decoration Ideas

If you have a fireplace, surround it with beautifully painted pinecones and fresh green garland, complete it with plaid bows distributed along the edges. On the top of the fireplace, you can put decorated candles for a cozier feel.

Tie your curtains with green or red ribbons. You can use poinsettias and garlands as frills for the stairs. You can also a Christmas wreath on the doors of the house. There are endless ideas in putting decorations inside the house.  Just put your imagination to the test and you can achieve an authentic country look for your home.

Outdoor Decoration Ideas

You can choose from using inflatable decor or other materials for the outdoor scenery. If you are not sure what to place on your front yard, you can take a trip to the parks to get some ideas. You can build huge displays outside to fill up the whole place. For instance, you can have Santa and the reindeers on your roof or a snowman on the front of your house.

Decorating for a country Christmas needs a lot of planning and effort for it to work. By investing on decorations, you can have priceless bonding moments with your family and you can truly feel the spirit of the Yuletide season in your home.

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