Smart Decorating Ideas with Cheap Valances

Decorating the top of your windows with valances can bring positive chi to your home. Sometimes, a curtain that covers the entire window can block the energy from the outside, depriving the dweller with sunlight from the early morning sun. Allowing the light to come inside the home through window valances during daytime can be uplifting for the sick or elderly family member.

This is why some homeowners would opt to buy cheap valances to conceal a drab window pane and leaving the half part open to have a view of the activities outside the home. It can be hanged to hide an ugly structural design or an irregular window size.

There are various window valances that you can buy online or at retail shops. You can choose to buy elaborate or simply designed valances to emphasize the window design of your kitchen or over the sink. Multilayered or balloon valances are ideal window treatments for Victorian or Baroque inspired homes. Mediterranean or European homes can be decorated with Ascot valances which are sewn with tassels in either velvet or silk cloths.

Swag valances are perfect window partners for Zen-inspired homes as they are simply hanged across the draperies and brackets over the uppermost part of the window. Modern homes can look elegant with scarf valance because of the softness of the sheer fabric. If you are avoiding the ultraviolet rays that can be damaging to your skin, you can always look for extra clothing materials sewn altogether with the valance.

The fabrics in making cheap valances do not speak of its price because you can buy them in high quality materials. Most fabrics used in sewing valances consist of polyester, cotton, or a combination of both, faux silk, jacquard, satin, silk, and velvet and to name a few. Some homeowners would love to hang valances alongside with their venetian blinds to conceal flaws in the window design.

Valances can be cascading, rosette, pelmet or jabot. Whatever you would want for your window or door, the choices of a valance would depend on your taste and needs. Before you shop a cheap valance, always consider the color, style and the quality so you will enjoy using them until your next bonus.

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