Understanding Carpet Fibers

Carpeting is hands-down the most comfortable flooring solution available, and with a wide range of colors, fibers and styles, it can easily coexist with your room’s current décor. Before choosing the perfect carpet, it’s best to learn a little more about the many fibers that exist:

Nylon: Nylon is known for its durability and resilience, making it a suitable choice for most homes. Because it retains its shape and cleans well, nylon is one of the most popular choices of carpet fibers. High-traffic spaces are best suited for nylon carpet.

Polyester: Fade resistant and beautiful, polyester is a great fiber choice. Polyester makes it capable to produce carpets in bright and vivid colors.

Olefin: Olefin is one of the most affordable carpet fibers on the market. Olefin withstands stains, bleaches and fading because of its unique dying process. In terms of durability, olefin is a great choice. Easy to clean and recommended for family rooms, olefin is as resilient as nylon and sure to last with proper care.

Wool: Wool is a premium carpet fiber with superior durability, and a higher price tag. The natural beauty of wool is undeniable, making it a great choice for those who want a more luxurious aesthetic in their home.

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