How to Choose the Right Paint for Metal Roof

Metal is a very sensitive type of element used in most infrastructures. One example is your roof. When painting your metal roof, it costs too much work as well as money especially when you fail to put the right paint on. Plus, quality metal roof paints are hard to find in the market.

Here are some tips to help you choose:

Check the Condition

First, you should know the condition of your roof. If it is exposed to too much heat or other factors then there is a great possibility that it has incurred changes in the surface and in its composition. Changes in temperature greatly contribute to this.

Contraction and Expansion

Metal panels have the tendency to contract or expand due to the changes around the environment. When this happens, paint tends to peel off, crack and go brittle. So, what you can learn in here is that you should choose metal roof paint that possesses an elastic property. This applies for the primer as well as top coat.

Water-based and Acrylic is the Best Choice

Select a water-based acrylic type of paint so you can clean off stains easily and because this is really designed for metal roofs. Plus, it is lasts much longer than solvent-based paints and eco-friendly. You should also check out the longevity of the paint to stay on your roof panels. Good quality of metal roof paints lasts 8 to 12 years at least.

If your metal roof paint guarantees promising and long-lasting results then you won’t have any problems with painting or redoing your roof’s paint. Plus, you get to avoid wasting efforts and save your budget for other necessary things for your home.

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