Things to consider when installing a window

In the current age, a window is not just a pathway for air and sunlight. Just like every other aspect of the modern man, even the window construction has undergone major transformation over the years. Nowadays you must consider what fashion, design, and taste statement which your window makes. Anyone coming to your home will base a judgment on the architectural design of your home based on the window size, shape and design.

Windows serves numerous purposes ranging from acting as a ventilation vent, to allowing sunlight and in other cases, windows are actually doorways. So before installing a window at a particular position of the house you must first determine what the window will be used for.

Windows meant to let in sunlight are usually constructed putting in mind the orientation of the sun, they may not even need to be windows that can open since a simple glass will suffice in letting in sunlight. While windows meant to act as ventilation will be constructed putting in mind the most probable direction the breeze is likely to enter and leave the house. Lastly windows meant to act like doorways are usually windows found next to the balcony. They are huge enough to allow a grown person to pass to and from the balcony.

A professional interior designer might advise you to install windows that best complements your house’s architectural design. Also you can install a window in a particular room for ornamental purposes since it complements well the interior designing of your house.

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