View from the Back

A lot of homeowners pay attention to how the front yard looks. It’s understandable ‘coz, after all, curb appeal is one of the things that increase the value of a home in the market. While it remains hidden from the curb, a well-planned and designed backyard is also one of the factors that can jack up the home’s market value significantly. More importantly, a backyard with a view gives the homeowners a chance to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home. Fun outdoor decorating ideas can be found at For your storage needs in your back yard, you can use an elegant metal building.

Beach Theme

You can have the sun, sand, and… no, maybe not the sea. But, you can surely have the tropical beach vibe right in your backyard with the right furniture and plant choices. Instead of grass, you can have sand and perhaps a pebbled walkway. Put a couple of lounging chairs out on the patio. Those who want a little more excitement in their backyard can also have a couple of outdoor lighted palm trees too.

Countryside Theme

Bring the sounds of nature closer to home with some bird houses and bird feeders and a water element. Some people find the tweeting of the birds and the trickling of water to be relaxing. Have some flowering shrubs too for a sprinkling of color in your countryside backyard.

Zen Theme

This is calmer theme that’s often preferred by those who are into the minimalist look. You might not need furniture at all. Perhaps a bench with a thin cushion pad in a neutral or solid color would work as seating for the backyard. Plants can be kept to a minimum. A row of bamboo plants can be used to mark the space or as a divider. If you have a smaller yard, you can also set bonsai trees on ledges mounted on a wall or fence.

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