Chicago Townhouse: Cozy and Stylish Atmosphere

Townhouses are one of the usual choices for people looking for a new place to live in. A lot of these residential buildings vary in their designs and structure. This specific townhouse in Chicago designed by Alessandra Branca is definitely a representation of comfort and style.

The Dining Room

This room features a Western and romantic theme. From the walls to the flooring, the designs bring out the youthful spirit of the room. The chairs and table as well as the furnishings exhibit a cozy atmosphere.

The Bedrooms

The guest bedroom features a London or Milan theme. The pale green walls bring out the glow in the room. This vintage-inspired room is truly a work of art. With the imported and rare furnishings, the guest room’s design is certainly one-of-a-kind. The master bedroom, on the other hand, displays a cool and collected ambiance. With the white color of the room, along with the silver linings, gives the expression of living in a jewelry box.

The Living Room and Family Room

The living space and the entryway of this townhouse exhibits an open concept. In order to create two unique areas, Branca added a screen covered with Fromental wallpaper. It does not only serve as a wall but a work of art as well. The furniture is designed to bring comfort to the residents. The different decorations complement the primary designs of the room to create a complete and neat look.

The interior design of this townhouse will surely make anyone live an enjoyable and comfortable life. The creative concept brought about by Alessandra Branca brings out the youthful and vintage appeal of the different rooms.

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