Home Electrical Repair- Replacing Standard Wall Outlets

One of the basic problems in the house is the wall outlet malfunction and most of the time homeowners tend to seek help from electricians. So, why do you have to do this when you can do the task yourself? This way, you can save the professional fee for other important things.

Here is a quick guide on how to replace wall outlets:

  1. Preparation– Gather all the necessary tools before you start. You don’t want to work on an energized outlet, so make sure that the circuit breaker is off. In order to be sure, you can use a multi-tester to check if the power is really off.
  2. Removal– Take the wall plate off using a screwdriver. Check again if the power reads zero. After which, you can now remove the wall box so that the wires will be exposed. Loosen or cut the wires in order to be ready for installation.
  3. Installation– This process is the opposite of removal. Since wall outlets have various designs, it is best if you will follow the instructions provided in the package. Make sure that you have attached the wires properly to avoid short circuit and any accident.

As soon as you have finished the necessary steps, turn the power on. Again, check the outlet using the multi-tester if you have correctly assembled the wires. You can ask the help of someone who can handle this task well if you are not sure how to do the process especially the checking and reading of the power.

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