Serenity Inside and Out: The Farmhouse

This farmhouse features a classic and simple look, with the whole structure situated at the center of wild grasses. It offers a serene and quiet atmosphere, which residents will truly enjoy. Let’s take a quick tour of the house.

The Porch

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, there is a porch from the front of the house going to the dining area. A screened porch is also available when the weather gets rough. The furniture used in the porch allows you to have a relaxing morning or afternoon, along with the amazing view of the greenery.

The Living Area

This room offers a relaxing ambiance. There is a free-standing fireplace at the center, with bookshelves installed in the remaining sides.  The fireplace can be repositioned or remove to allow some space into the area. With the huge windows, natural light can easily enter to brighten up the room.

The Kitchen and Dining Areas

The dining room showcases large windows and columns to provide an opening for the kitchen. On the other hand, the kitchen is equipped with two small-sized pantries, a center island and an additional desk on one corner. The flooring for both rooms is made of hardwood creating a natural feel inside. These areas are painted with a neutral and light color to make the space appear larger.

This farmhouse is a representation of a simple lifestyle. The cozy and warm ambiance truly brings comfort to the residents. Most of the materials require low maintenance; therefore, you can surely live a peaceful life with this house design.

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