Go Keyless with a Smartphone Powered Door Lock

Are you tired of the heavy door keys you have been carrying with you when you go out of the house? Or perhaps, you have been bothering locksmiths because you have been losing your door keys. If this is the case, why don’t you opt for keyless locks? With your smartphone on hand, you can lock/unlock your door.

How does this Work?

The entire system is controlled by a mobile website, it communicates using Wi-Fi signals or even through text messages. You just need to have the lock installed on your doors and then have the same system downloaded to your smartphone. After syncing all the equipment, you can now use your keyless door lock.

Benefits of a Smartphone Door Lock

The advantages are of using this innovation is innumerable. First, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have your house keys with you as long as you have your phone. Also, if you are out for a vacation and your house needs emergency maintenance or relatives need somewhere to stay, you can just use your phone to unlock the door.

With these locks, you can also monitor door entry activities. Plus it has backup systems in case the power goes out. A lot of these door locks have additional features such as Bluetooth compatibility and backup batteries.

This new technology is great news for homeowners simply because of the convenience it brings. You don’t have to stick with the traditional door locks and go modern with these ones. Now, you can hold functionality and security in your own smartphone.

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