Tips on Painting an Iron Fence

Iron fences are a good accessory to make your yard and garden look elegantly beautiful. However, this type of fence is hard to maintain especially its paint – how long it will last and how often to redo it. Plus, there are a lot of factors that can affect your iron fence like water and grime that can result to rusting.

1. Remove Rust

Before painting, you have to remove the rust first to make sure that the prime coat is absorbed by your fence. Make sure you wear glasses, gloves and mask to avoid rust particles from getting in sensitive parts of your body and to avoid infection. You can do this by scrubbing it with a steel brush.

2. Clean the Residue

Wash the fence when you are done removing the rust to lush the remaining rust particles to avoid improper absorption of the paint. Best if you use hot and soapy water then hose it down. After washing your iron fence, let it dry down overnight for it to be ready to get painted the next day.

3. Start Painting

After scrubbing off and washing the rust off your iron fence, you can start painting already. Start with the primer coat then after drying it up for a bit can already apply the topcoat. Make sure there are no blemishes, bubbles or streaks when you apply the paint to make your fence look more solid. Make sure you dry it good to achieve a better result in repainting.

Just remember, make sure that the primer and finish coating are compatible for best result. Plus, make sure the paint you use suits the design and style of your home to make sure that it won’t clash with it. And, always bear in mind all the precautions when you are dealing with paint.

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