Salt and Sill: Sweden’s Floating Hotel

If you plan to travel in Sweden in the future, and you want to experience the open sea while you are enjoying the luxury, then you might want to stay at Salt and Sill’s floating hotel. This can be a unique and relaxing adventure for you.

Hotel Overview

This hotel started its operations in October 2008. This building is not just a hotel but also a venue for meetings and conferences. Guests will truly enjoy the contemporary Scandinavian look of the rooms. The entire hotel is built on pontoons, which help the structure stay afloat. The hotel offers six modules that will serve as the mini-structures for the guests, including 23 guest rooms and a suite overlooking the amazing scenery.

The Design

Salt and Sill Floating Hotel highlights a minimalist Scandinavian look for the rooms. Inspired by the nautical design, you can truly feel the surrounding ocean and the different water activities. Weathered wood is the primary material used the structure. The patios are built in a way that guests can enjoy sunbathing or even swimming.

The hotel is also constructed in a way that is environment-friendly. The architects and owners decided to use local raw materials, eco-friendly paints and other leftover items to complete the hotel. Apart from the hotel, a lobster reef is also built outside. To make the entire structure more amazing, the pontoons attached below were made to increase the life underwater. These materials serve as habitat for various mussels and shells.

It is truly an amazing work of art. Now, visitors like you can enjoy the ocean experience with this innovative hotel. With great service and stunning design, you can truly enjoy your stay or vacation in Sweden.

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