How to: Paint Your Bedroom in 3 Easy Steps

Painting your bedroom in 3 steps is possible. Put away the concept of hiring other personnel because you think you are incapable of painting your own bedroom. You just have to stick to these 3 easy steps and you have your freshly-painted bedroom.

Follow these Basic but Effective Steps:

1. Clean Walls and Tape the Corners of your Bedroom

Grab a wet, clean rug; start removing filth, mud which makes your wall bumpy. Afterwards, use water to rinse off. A dirt-free wall paves way to a smooth finish. Next, use blue tape and firmly tape it unto the corners. Remove the tape only when paint’s still wet.

2. Primer and Brush

The second step is easy to follow. Before painting your wall, apply a primer for extensive coverage of the paint and uniformity. Once your roller couldn’t reach the recesses of the wall, use a brush.

3. Use W Pattern and Paint the Trim

Put your paint-roller on the other side of the wall then roll on a W pattern. Fill it in without raising the roller. When done, leave one full day to let the wall dry. Tomorrow, tape the area wherein the trim and walls meet. Then paint the trim and corners using a brush.

Throw away your anxiety because you can paint your bedroom with the above-mentioned easy steps. Painting your walls can be fun once you gather the necessary knowledge on how to paint it. Be active and defer from the norm. Paint your own walls.

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