How to Paint a Bare Wood?

A lot of people think that painting bare wood is only a way to make it beautiful. However, aesthetics is just a minor piece of the outcome since the real purpose for this is to protect the wood’s exterior. Bare wood requires careful painting as well as the best and most appropriate paint for it so that it will become durable.

1. Sand Paper Scrubbing

Wax or glaze is typically applied to bare wood in order to protect it during the stacking and transportation processes. Before painting, you must remove this glaze and to do that, you have to scrub it lightly with sand paper. Moreover, this will help open the wood pores so that the paint will adhere more to the wood. After sanding, you should remove the dusts with a damped cloth.

2. Primer Application

You should then apply a primer in order to improve the adhesion of your paint and also to make it look more beautiful. Choose a primer that suits bare wood and most likely its characteristics are water-based and can be scrubbed with sand paper if your top coat is oil based.

3. Acrylic Paint Application

You should now apply your preferred 100 percent acrylic latex paint in a direction that the paint will not overlap each other. It is recommended to apply the paint in a back and forth direction to make it smooth and beautiful.

Applying paint to your bare wood may be a rigorous process. You have to be meticulous from choosing the most appropriate and best paint up to applying the paint on the wood itself. Just ensure that you follow the above steps in order to have excellent results.

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