The Satin and Semi-Gloss Finishes Paints for the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. It is a place used every day for creating dishes, meals, and for food preparation. Kitchen is also one of the parts of the house that constantly experience outside forces like temperature fluctuation and surface tension. Due to these forces, the kitchen needs a durable yet beautiful paint.

The Two Breakdowns

There are different offers paint finishes which range from flat sheens to high gloss sheens. Typically, when it is flat, the paint is harder to clean while when it is glossy, the paint is easier to clean. Of course in your kitchen, you want to choose paint that is easy to clean with just water and soap. This brings us to the two ideal paint choices for your kitchen: the satin finish and the semi-gloss finish.

The Satin Finish

The satin finish is very similar to the eggshell satin. The only difference is that satin has a little more sheen. When this kind of paint is used in the kitchen, it will give the kitchen a silky, soft and glow looks. It can also resist stains, dirt, and mildew, and is also easy to clean.

The Semi-Gloss Finish

This finish has forty to seventy percent gloss. It can reflect light making it glow and gleam yet not becoming too much shiny. The higher the gloss content, the more durable it is. That is why this is ideal for kitchen use.

The satin and semi-gloss finishes are perfect for the kitchen. You should choose your preferred paint finish but make sure to choose the color that complements the style of your kitchen in order to maintain the good and enticing appearance of it.

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