A Guide to Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has been a popular choice for homeowners because of its natural elegance and warmth. The only downside of wood flooring is that it requires high maintenance in order to prolong its durability and beauty. Here’s a definitive guide that will help you in keeping your wood floors looking great.

From Simple to Elegant

Wood flooring is available in a wide array of types, styles and colors. They usually range from soft wood, such as pine, to complex ones, which are built from exotic wood. Normally, hardwood flooring has darker stains as compared to softwood. Hardwood displays elegance and is typically installed in bedrooms and living areas.

Proper Care for Wood Flooring

In order for you to maintain hardwood floors, it is important to note their level of hardness. Softer wood is more prone to scratches and dents as contrast to hard ones. To maintain the cleanliness of your flooring, you need to sweep or vacuum it regularly. Use a clean and soft mop or broom to avoid scratches and damages.

As much as possible do not let the wood flooring get wet. Make sure that you use dry mop when removing stains and dirt. You have to know that water can reduce the shine of the flooring. You must also use door mats to protect the wood floors from dirt and grit.

When you have decided to install wood flooring in your house make sure that you choose the right type of wood panels that will complement the style and look of your house. Make it a point that you know how to take care of the flooring so that you will avoid repairs and replacements.

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