Bathroom Ideas to Die For

Bathroom is the first room that some people go to first thing in the morning. That is why the look and feel of it should at least give an energizing feeling. It doesn’t really need to be too extravagant to be considered beautiful. Simple bathroom décor would do.

Simplicity is Equals to Elegance

There are instances when all you’ll need are simple accessories to beautify a place. Let’s say for instance a simple white bathroom can look elegant with the right furniture and fixtures. White can make a small space seem bigger. Add a colorful or printed shower curtain and a matching floor rug and you’ll surely see a simple yet stylish design.

 Customized Fixtures are the Best

Sometimes you really don’t need an extreme make over to make an old bathroom look new. There are times that all you need is to add a couple of personalized items inside the room. Adding towel hooks with varying designs is definitely one way to make a statement. There are also customized shower heads, faucet handles, towel rack and even drawer handles that you can find at stores to add style.

Lights, Windows and More

Since bathroom is a place where we sometimes recharge and get ready to face a new day, it is quite essential to pick the right kind of lighting. Bright lights during morning and dim ones during the night is one suggestion. Windows can add some natural light and ventilation to the room. It can be big or small. Windows can either provide a view to the outside or even to the inside of the house.

Storage is also an important aspect of this room. You can hit two birds in one throw by placing a cabinet that can serve as a storage place at the same time as a decorative piece.

There are so many décor ideas to choose from you just need to do some research and from there pick what suits your personality and style. Keep in mind that sometimes simplicity carried to the extreme becomes elegance at its finest. Meaning you don’t need expensive items to make it look great. Just put your heart in designing the room and the outcome will be terrific.

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