Secrets of Small Kitchen Space

When you have a limited space to work on it is best to think about different ways on how to make a small space look a lot bigger. This is usually the scenario for those living in apartments and small townhouse type houses. Finding the right designs and fixture is the secret in solving small space dilemmas homeowners have.

Color Makes all the Difference

The right color can either give a small room the illusion that its big or it can make it look smaller. Some say that using strong and bold colors especially in the kitchen may be a big no-no for some

but it can actually work if you know how to do it right. A green or dark brown can work well for kitchens as well.

Although most prefer their kitchen white because it gives the appearance of cleanliness. You can simply add a couple of furniture that can add life and color to a simple white space.  Lighting is also an important aspect, if you decide on a darker color, proper lighting is important.

Proper Storage is the Key

When things are not stored properly it gives any space a cluttered look. That is why keeping everything at their rightful place is the key to an organized room. Since there are so many things that the kitchen should have in handy storage can be quite a challenge. On helpful tip is to create a storage that hangs and a storage down below to store as many as you can without the need of too much space.

For instance you can create hanging hooks for your pans, pots and even other kitchen utensils. Then you can also use your island counter to store other utensils needed. This is one way to maximize your space at the same time having enough storage space for everything you need.

Kitchens are supposed to be clean and tidy since this is where food is prepared. It’s not impossible to do so. Keeping everything in its place is just one way to keep it neat. This is true whether you have a big or small kitchen.

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