Simple Bathroom Furniture Décor Ideas

When you look inside a magazine dedicated to decors and designs for houses, you can’t help but wonder whether that design is applicable to your own bathroom or any other room in the house. Although most of those magazine designs are pretty expensive, with the right shop you will be able to find cheap yet beautiful furniture pieces.

Cabinets and more Cabinets

Bathroom comes in different shapes and size. But one thing that almost all homeowners worry about is the storage. Whether it’s a big or small one finding the right type of cabinets and vanities is a big challenge for some.

Considered wall mounted cabinets and open shelves if you have a small bathroom space. This will free the floor from clutter and other things. Open shelves also somehow make a room look bigger. Plus all toiletries and bathroom essential are displayed and accessible to use. A floor to ceiling cabinets can also work plus it has more storage space.

A Tub or a Shower

Depending on you and your family’s need you can opt for a shower alone or tub. But if you have a big space you can have both a shower and a bath tub. For a more personalized look you can paint the exterior of the tub any color of your choice. As for the shower, there are customized shower heads available at furniture and home décor shops.

A Few Decorative Pieces

It’s not always about the furniture that makes a room look good. Sometimes placing a few decorative items inside can make a big difference. A couple of paintings hanging on the wall can be a great addition plus it adds personality and style to the room. Potted flowers or any plant can instantly lift the look of the room. You can also skip the wet mats and go for real rugs. Or add a couple of personalize touch to the cabinets and sinks.

In finding the right furniture you don’t really need an expert’s advice. You can pick mix and match items if that is how you want to do things. Beside it’s your house, you choose things that you want to see every day.

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